Numeracy Building Blocks

Numeracy Building Blocks

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Looking for a simple and playful way to introduce numbers or math into your child's play? Look no further than these numeracy building blocks! These blocks will grow with your child- practice stacking the blocks as a toddler, learn about numbers as a kindergartener, and then build equations as an older child. 

Activities to Try:

- Build basic equations (1 + 2 = 3)

- See how many blocks you can stack to make the tallest tower possible! 

- Organize the blocks in order of number (ex. arrange from numbers 0-9)

- Practice skip counting 

Size Guide:

- Each block measures 1.5 inches tall.

What's included: 

- 12 double-sided blocks. There are 2 sets of numbers 0-9, and one each of the following: plus sign, minus sign, and equals sign

- Cotton muslin drawstring bag for storage