Kids' clothes with style AND sustance! The Striped Cat is a Swedish clothing brand that makes clothes for kids aged 0-12. Our company was born out of love. Motherly love, sisterly love, and love for the environment. We are twin sisters whose journeys have been closely intertwined since birth. While we haven’t always been glued at the hip, and sometimes taken different directions, we keep coming back to each other at life’s crossroads. The most important that has happened to us is to have and raise our children, and we were lucky enough to do it together. One of the experiences that we shared was the search for fun, beautiful, durable and comfortable kids’ clothes that didn’t cost a fortune. And since we couldn’t find them, we decided to make them ourselves. We named our brand after Julia’s oldest son Tiger, and our kids are always at the forefront of what we do. Since we believe in slowing down the frantic pace of consumption, we offer a core line of key pieces that are complemented with seasonal collections twice a year. Our clothes are made to last and made to be shared and passed on to siblings, friends & cousins. Nature is very important to us. It’s where we find most of our inspiration, and we want to make sure that we can continue to do so. Hence, we only use high quality organic cotton, along with recycled materials. For every tiger item sold, we donate €1 to the WPSI Tiger Protection Programme in India. This is our story. Thank you for making us part of yours.