Little Chef Play Set

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From Japan, this little chef set for for playing while playing a role,
you develop your communication skills, expression skills, and language skills. You can also learn the dexterity of your hands by cutting vegetables and imitating your dishes.
Children's favorite foods were designed to make children's brain and heart grow.
Bread, ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mushrooms, carrots.
Tomatoes are bells, lettuce are puzzles.
When the stove plate is removed, a mold plate appears.
Cut the food, stick it, and put it into the hole by carefully considering its shape. It is a toy that allows you to enjoy the
fun of playing with molds, which can improve your creativity while developing your sense of shape.

Things to check: About wooden toys Trees are living things.
Each tree has its own personality, just as a person has his own personality.
No one has the same color, knots, or annual rings.
It is one of the good points of wooden toys that you can enjoy each individuality.
And the tree is breathing.
It expands and contracts due to humidity and temperature.
Due to changes in humidity and temperature, the wood may warp or create gaps, but
this is due to the nature of the wood.
In order to
use the product for a long time, please avoid using it in a humid place, a place exposed to direct sunlight, or near a heating/cooling device,
as it may cause a warp or a gap.

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