Like many grandmothers, my very own Mummo has been knitting her family wool socks forever. I get many pairs for Christmas each year so you can just imagine how many I have at home. When our daughter Alice was born, there came a new influx of socks to our house. They are so cute in mini size! Plus they are warm and cozy for little feet. 

      So I bought her some wool and asked her to make the shop a few pairs! Then, she was diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer and was only given a few weeks to live. I rushed home with my daughter to say goodbye but she was in good spirits and she had finished the socks! It kept her hands and her mind busy to keep on knitting. 

      My Mummo has now recently celebrated her 85th birthday and is months past her predicted life expectancy. We hope that she will keep on knitting and that we get to see her again when we visit at Christmas. 

      All the socks are knit in a wool silk blend and are one of a kind. 


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