A shower or two doesn’t have to ruin an otherwise nice day.  We love our kids to go out on adventures, rain or shine, but we had never found the perfect outerwear for this. Others would probably have settled for less; Definitely not us. We started GOSOAKY and we’re focused on one thing, and one thing only.... making the best waterproof outerwear for kids + adults in the whole wide world: Simple, functional, essential, and fashionable by using high quality fabrics and trims. 

      Our jackets are made out of coated wind- and waterproof fabrics with a column pressure of 3000mm. They’re multifunctional and can be worn all year round. Taking you from city life to outdoor adventures and back. Each season brings exciting new styles for kids + adults that push the boundaries of what waterproof outerwear can be. Infusing fashion with function and innovative materials.  

      We only work with carefully selected and certificated suppliers. Our team always adjusts and improves the design of the products to make them timeless and last as long as possible, both aesthetically and quality-wise, leaving as little waste as possible. We have strong values and goals and want to do the very best we can for the environment and everyone that makes, handles or uses our products.

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