Created by a Danish mom seeking quality and style that will last for years – enduring endless playground tumbles without being destroyed or aged. We believe so. Hence CO Label was born.

      A little bit about My Seline von Appen Keller

      Children’s wear you’ll return to. Again and again
      As a mother of four children myself it was a matter of principle as well as an ethical rationale, which made me search for a more sustainable children’s wear solution. After several years, a growing family and seeing brands come and go, I slowly became adverse seeing children in fast fashion ‘fads’ marketing to young children.

      But I also knew that all is not necessarily well with an ‘organic’ stamp. If we continue to consume at a rapid rate, the organic footprint doesn’t matter. We have to buy less and buy smarter and increase longevity. That is what sustainability is truly about.

      Having a long history in the apparel industry, the ultimate decision to create a timeless, capsule children’s wear brand came naturally. Here at CO Label we focus on premium, sustainable children’s wear, produced with respect for both planet and people, and in fabrics and styles that you’ll be able to pass on from generation to generation.

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