People find peace in nature. That is what Bezisa achieves with their designs for babies. In a world where everything is for sale and where we are overburdened every day, they offer something that encourages us to step back and connect with each other. Take the time to view, study and enjoy the serenity of the woods.

      Their wool felt is made of pure new wool, which is naturally nonflammable and dirt repellent and the dyes are non-toxic dyed on white wool. The round wooden beads and rings are birch wood, from European sustainable forest management. The coloured beads are food grade silicone and 100% free of BPA, non-toxic and FDA approved. 

      Every step of their production process takes place in Western Europe.

      They also try to keep waste to a minimum and bring all leftover materials to daycares and schools to used for crafts. 

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