The Puzzle Ball

This is our best selling puzzle ball from Wee Gallery. What are they and why are they so popular?

Also known as "Montessori balls", these balls actually come from the Amish and Mennonite culture used as pincushions. The Montessori educators saw that they make great development toys. It is an interesting shaped ball that has many places to grab onto to look and explore. This makes it the perfect toy for babies that are still developing their grip.

"A traditional puzzle ball is stitched together as three different segments that can be taken apart and put together again — hence the name “puzzle ball”. For the sake of safety, we decided to opt out of this feature. In keeping with the traditional aesthetic however, we designed the Wee Gallery Puzzle Ball with a variety of patterns. These patterns are in black and white to reinforce visual stimulation and they’re in a variety of textures. This makes it a toy that’s great for visual and tactile stimulation, as well as developing motor skills. As an added bonus, the fabric used is made from organic materials" ---Wee Gallery

These balls are now a fast favourite with babies and toddlers alike! Hang it above your baby to look at and begin watching them interact with it! They begin by kicking it then move to grasping it and then rolling it around, but it doesn't roll too far so is the perfect first ball for baby.

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