Stay Warm This Winter

Winter is almost upon us and that means one thing, the days get shorter and colder. It's that time when we bring out the cozy clothes and layer up when we go outside. It's also the holiday season meaning we need gift ideas for all family members, including the babies and toddlers.

Stay warm in winter

In most countries in the northern hemisphere, the holiday season means cold weather. Depending on where you live, winter can mean blizzards and snowstorms, or maybe it only gets cold enough to add a jacket when you go out. Regardless of the severity, babies need protection from the elements both indoors and outdoors. 

Keeping warm indoors often involves long sleeves, socks, and sweaters. Toddlers and children get quite hot while playing and running around the house, so it may be easier to add or remove layers as necessary. When buying winter wear for children, look for items that will grow with the child or that can adapt to different weather conditions. You don't want to keep replacing clothes that they will outgrow in a few months.

Investing in high-quality winter clothing pays off in several ways too. They are less expensive in the long run as they last for years as opposed to buying new ones every season. These clothes use the best materials and manufacturing standards, so you know they're safe for little kids. They're also more likely to keep your little one warm and snug even in the worst weather.

Whether you're shopping for your little one or a family member, here are a few great ideas for winter clothing:

Indoors clothes

Most babies go through a few onesies in their first year. The cotton knit rompers from Bebe Holic are perfect as a second layer for extra warmth. You can pair them with leggings for colder evenings or use them on their own when it's not so cold.

For toddlers or older children, check out the Chunky Sweater by Kindly. Available in a range of colors such as bitter chocolate or blueberry, kids can wear them over warm knit leggings or the waffle shorts from Kindly. You might want to take a look at the French Terry cloth joggers by Mebie Baby which pair very well with their matching hoodies and crewnecks for a warm fit.


You have a lot of choices when it comes to high-quality outerwear for babies and kids. Make sure the clothes are made from natural or organic materials and don't have tiny buttons to minimize choking hazards. 

If you're shopping for young babies, then the Quilted Cocoon by Loom is a must-have. Made from 100% cotton on the inside and waterproof/windproof material on the outside, it's perfect for a day out. Featuring a closed zipper to prevent any contact with the baby's skin, these cocoons are the ideal winter clothing.

Toddlers and older children tend to be more active and you need outerwear that can adapt to different conditions. Why carry two or 3 jackets when you can have the Atlas 3-in-1 parka by Liewood? The coat comes with a water repellent and windproof outer shell and a quilted inner jacket. It also has a detachable hood for really cold conditions as well. Whether it's snowing lightly, windy or just another cold day, the Atlas baby winter coat is the solution.

If you're shopping for baby snowsuits, or other snow-friendly outerwear, then look no further than the SNE snowsuits by Liewood or their Sejr snow pants. Perfect for little ones that insist on making snow angels or snowball fights!


No outfit is complete without a few accessories and winter wear is no exception. Dress up your cutie with hats, booties, and mittens for protection from the cold. Try the cute Gina Bear beanies in shades like rose, whale blue, or blue fog. A good alternative is the bonnets from Caribou. Made from 100% Merino wool, these bonnets are ideal when it gets really cold. 

When it comes to baby mittens and booties, check out the offerings from Happymess and Kidwild Organics. The baby velour booties are made from the softest organic material and come in their own adorable drawstring bag. It's a perfect gift for baby showers or as a just-because gift. They work well as baby's first shoes and they'll keep little feet warm and snug. You'll wish you had your own pair! 

Know what's cuter than booties for little kids? Mittens made from Merino wool of course! Check out the amazingly cute Merino knit mittens by Happymess. Available in a range of bright colors, they are connected by a string, so no more searching for a lost mitten. The mittens are part of the Merino collection from Happymess, so head on over to check out their sweaters, neck warmers, and beanies.

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