How to Measure your child's shoe foot so you can shop for shoes online.

how to measure your child's shoe size

Summer is around the corner and it's time to buy sandals for your little ones. You have found the cutest sandals at Mouton Royal ;-), but after a long winter, what size do they wear?? 

Many of us, would be heading to the stores to have us wrestle with them to try on new shoes. Instead, support your local boutiques and buy online and get the right size every time! 

Just follow two simple steps to measure your child's foot
Step 1: 

Have them place their barefoot on a plain piece of paper. Trace their foot with a marker making sure that the marker is 90 degrees at all times. 

Step 2: 

Draw a line at the end of the toes and the end of the heel. Measure the distance between the two lines, that's it! Add a little room for growth for the rest of the summer. 

Most shops will have the size conversion in centimetres and then from the original size such as EU to US. As conversions are note always accurate between brands, it is best to measure and then choose the size that corresponds with the length of the insole. If you are between sizes, choose the larger one. 





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