Taking Care of your Children's Clothing 101

caring for your children's clothing

Our little humans go through clothing fast, but wouldn't it be nice if we could pass everything down to siblings in good condition?

Follow these 5 simple guidelines to keep your kid's clothing looking new. 


1. Buy Quality

Buying quality items ensures that the clothing has a great start to lasting the wear and tear of children's movements plus the washing. They are made with better fabrics so they won't loose shape or wear out and are manufactured better so they won't rip as easily. 

2. Wash Similar Colours together

Every washing instruction has this and we all probably ignore it half of the time. Don't! It is worth having two main laundry bins that are designated for whites and and darks. If you do this, no sorting is required and you can just keep doing load, after load, after load. 

3. Avoid the dryer

Every guide to keep your clothing looking best says avoid washing and drying. HAHAHA! We are mama's with messy, little humans. This is not so realistic. Of course, wash your children's clothing after they were it, it will likely be dirty. I do however agree with avoiding the hot dryer. What I do is take out all the bamboo items as they are more delicate (if I forget once in a while, it's not the end of the world) and hang them to dry. I also can shorten the dry time and lower the heat level on my dryer, check to see if this exists on yours to extend the life of your clothing.

4. Spot Treat those Stains!

This one is super important. Try to get to the stain as quickly as you can. Use a non toxic stain remover to spot treat it and put it in the wash. This extra step will ensure you don't get frustrated that the stain didn't come out in the wash the first time and put the item aside never to be worn again. 


5. Store Clothing Properly

Once your littles have grown out of the clothing, it's time to store them. Wash, dry, fold everything neatly in labelled clear boxes with the age or size and the season. They will be easy to take out again when needed! I get my boxes from Ikea and store them in our seasonal storage. 


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