Children's Fall Fashion Trends

Ready or not, fall is just around the corner and so is back-to-school season. Whether your child is off to daycare or excited about seeing all their school friends again, it's time to transition from summer clothes to warmer layers. After a year spent mostly inside the house, it's exciting to shop for new clothes again.

Children's fashion trends

Of late, designers are taking cues from adult fashion when it comes to creating kids' clothing as well. Instead of only using bright colors and cartoon characters, you're more likely to see mini-me versions of your clothes in stores. The colors, prints, and designs look equally good on a 5-year-old, 15-year-old, or an adult!

This trend has a couple of benefits for families. One is that your children won't grow out of them anytime soon, unlike cutesy or cartoon prints. They can continue to wear them as long as the size fits correctly. The other advantage is that these clothes are generally designed to last longer, just like adult fashion. So it's easier on the wallet too!

Fall fashion trends for children 2021

The cozy and comfy color palette

As the long summer days shorten and the weather cools down, we tend to bundle up. We reach for the light jacket, scarves, hats, and gloves if you want to spend time outdoors. What about colors? Fall brings to mind warm and cozy colors like terracotta, olive green, golds, and browns. Earthy colors are reminiscent of the falling leaves and changing seasons. 

Colder weather also means more time indoors and more time spent in loungewear. So look for comfortable and cozy sweatpants in earth tones like dark greens or reds, fall colors like shades of orange, or neutrals like beige or greys. Pair them with shirts in pastel or muted shades and you have a very stylish toddler ready for fall! 

Sustainable materials and manufacturing

The pandemic has changes shopping habits for parents and children alike. More consumers are conscious of the planet's fragility and want to shop for sustainable products that don't add waste to the world. If you're looking for children's clothing made using sustainable practices, then the Liewood collection is a good choice. 

The Danish brand creates everything from textile products to tableware for families. They offer a large selection of children's outerwear, just in time for the crisper fall weather. They advocate slow living where products last for decades and you can pass them down for generations. It's the opposite of fast fashion which emphasizes cheap materials that hardly last longer than a season. Liewood creations are made ethically and are equally fair to workers and the environment. 

Accessorize to your heart's content

Fall fashion trends offer ample opportunities to accessorize, especially for school-age children. Hats, gloves, neck warmers, bags, and belts are just the beginning. Pick accessories in complementary shades to create a unique look. Or highlight them in bright vibrant colors against the background of muted colors for clothing. 

From hooded towels featuring baby animals to bibs with cute prints, the options are limitless with the Liewood collection. You can also get sippy cups and bathrobes for your little ones in the same earthy colors as their clothes!

Unisex clothes

Another growing trend is the increasing prevalence of unisex clothing, both in terms of color palette and design. Pink is no longer restricted to girls and boys will love the rose-colored clothes in the Liewood collection. The brand does not make any product that is overtly feminine or masculine, giving you a great variety of options unrestricted by gender rules. From pants to reversible parkas, find them all in the fashionable fall palette for the season!

This approach has the added advantage of allowing you to mix and match pieces to create unique styles. Why repeat outfits when you can create a new one by adding a long-sleeved shirt or reversing a parka to show off the inside? 


This fall, shop for clothes that are comfortable, sustainable, and last for years. Give your children the freedom and confidence to explore the world in clothes that express their individual style and creativity!

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