Baggu-Why Mom's Are Going Crazy Over This Bag Brand

baggu bags for moms
When you become a mom, one of the things that changes (apart from not sleeping, becoming super sensitive, hating your hubby, your boobs falling to the floor) is the bag you are carrying (or bags). You can kiss your your gorgeous designer bag goodbye to sit on your wardrobe and remind you of your single days when going out required only your wallet, lipstick and phone. 
Life becomes a daily act of stuffing everything from diapers, creams, wipes, pacifiers, toys, books, swaddles into your bag. This never stops. I have a 2.5 year old and now I carry snacks, a pop up toilet, a change of clothes and tissues, so so many tissues. 
I discovered Baggu when a mom friend came over and her bag was beautifully organized with a variety of sizes of super cool Baggu pouches that were stylish and functional. Diapers and wipes in one, her personal items in another and everything was easy to pull out and use. 

Here are the classic must have Baggu styles for the Minimalist and Organized Mom:

Apart from the plastic bag ban in Montreal, this is a must for any mom to carry with them at all times for last minute grocery runs, or the dirty clothes from daycare (They are fully washable). They come in a variety of fashionable colours so you can carry them with confidence in case you bump into a stylish single friend. They will ask you where you bought it ;-) 
They are also affordable with the standard size at only $14! 

These pouches are essential for travelling or everyday necessities.
For daily use, keep one of the 3-D zip sets filled with diapers, wipes and cream for on the go changes. 
For travelling, the 3-D zip sets are perfect. Use the largest one for separating babies clothing in your suitcase, the medium one for all the toiletries and the smallest one for a DIY travel first aid kit. 

As an entrepreneur working from home, I use these daily. The large one fits my macbook perfectly for the days I work at a cafe (because otherwise the laundry taunts me). The medium one keeps my daughters snacks ready to grab and go and the smallest one keeps my lipstick and a small pack of tissues. 

For traveling, keep your beach bag tidy! Keep your magazines/books in one, sunscreen lotion in another and your phone in the smallest size. 

The Weekender

For when you drop the kiddos off at your Parents-in-law's place for the weekend. All the baggu pouches are inside organized. Your Mother-in-law will be impressed. 


I hope this helps any mama who has trouble finding anything in their bag. Trust me, I've been there and I will never go back.   



xoxo Minna

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