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No matter where you are, cooler or wetter weather is just around the corner. Summer seems to have zipped by and it's time to start adding layers when we go out. Unlike adults who can wear the same jackets as last year, kids tend to outgrow most things over a year. It's no different with outerwear. 

Ill-fitting clothes mean uncomfortable children who can't wait to get out of them. Jackets that don't fit or beanies that fall off don't do much to protect your little ones from the rain or cold. Too small accessories like gloves or mittens tend to get lost as well. If you're shopping for outerwear this season, what should you look for?

Quality pieces

As mentioned earlier, kids tend to grow out of their clothes quite rapidly but it's less frequent with outerwear like jackets. So shopping for outerwear is different from buying regular clothes. Babies may outgrow onesies in a few months but a 4-year-old can probably wear the same jacket for a couple of seasons. Another bonus with outerwear? You can pass them on to siblings or friends when you are done. 



High-quality pieces also offer much better protection from the elements. Whether it's a rain jacket or a neck warmer, poor manufacturing isn't doing you any favors. They may cost less but you'll need to replace them quickly. They are most likely to end up in landfills as they are not sturdy enough to pass on to other children. 

So don't skimp on quality and look for outerwear that will last such as neck warmers from Liewood or mittens by Happymess. These products are made from the finest Merino wool which will keep kids warm during fall and winter. 


No matter how much you spend on a jacket or cap, your kids are not going to wear it if it's uncomfortable. The way a jacket fits matters just as much as the materials it is made from. Children don't like to wear itchy clothes any more than adults, so look for products made with organic or natural fibers. Good quality Merino wool is not itchy, offers protection against the wind and cold, as well as feeling soft to touch. Happimess carries sweaters, mittens, and hooded neck warmers made from Merino wool for comfort.

If you're looking for jackets to hold up against chilly winds or even light rain, the reversible puffers by Liewood are perfect. With a breathable and lightweight outer shell, kids will stay warm without sweating through the season. They also come with detachable hoods so you can add more protection if needed.

Stylish accessories



No outfit is complete without a few accessories and the same holds for fall/winter clothes. From mittens, gloves, hoodies, neck warmers, to beanies, the options are endless. It's generally easier to buy accessories from the same brand so you know they will fit well and coordinate color palettes. You can coordinate rain jackets from Liewood with neckwarmers from Happymess or buy cute beanies from Caribou

Another advantage to investing in stylish, quality pieces is that your children will like to wear them long after they're past their current favorite cartoon/TV show. Most products by Liewood, Caribou, or Konges Slojd come in muted or pastel shades that complement adult clothing. Given the current trend towards making stylish clothes for children that are more like mini adult outfits, these accessories will fit right in.

Multi-purpose clothes

When you buy high-quality outerwear for your children, keep this in mind: buy clothes that are multi-purpose and work well in different temperatures. You don't want to buy a light jacket that does nothing in wet weather or have to go out with 2 sweaters stashed in the car. The Atlas 3-in-1 parka by Liewood is a great example. No matter the adventure or the weather, the Atlas Parka is designed for it. With a wind- and waterproof outer jacket and a detachable quilted inner jacket, you only need one coat to adapt to all weather conditions. Reversible puffer jackets by Liewood, snowsuits with detachable hoods, or collars can work well in windy weather and keep children warm even if it gets cold. Buy clothes that allow your children to play all day without having to run back home to add a jacket or cap. While you can layer clothes in fall/winter, it's easier to keep track of fewer items on laundry day.

Heavy-duty outerwear

For heavy-duty outerwear that can withstand snow, the snowsuits by Konges Slojd are both warm and stylish. With a detachable fleece neck collar and smart suspenders, your kids can choose to wear only what they need to stay warm. No more hot toddler sweating through the winter! The outer shell is windproof and waterproof, and thanks to taped seams all over, you don't have to worry about water or snow getting inside. They are also treated with BIONIC-FINISH ECO coating, making it easy to care for them in the laundry. Another option is the SNE snowsuits by Liewood. These snowsuits are warm and waterproof and perfectly marry style and sustainability. The Sne Snowsuit with THERMOLITE® padding is designed for those extra cold and rainy days and made from 100% recycled polyester.

Go ahead, let your kids have fun in the rain or snow while being absolutely sure they're still protected from the harsh weather.

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