5 Reasons Why Design Letters are the Perfect Gift.

design letters baby's first book
1. Eat + Learn 
The DESIGN LETTERS collection is graphic and fun which kids love and then you add on the alphabet and they will learn the letters in no time! Better than reading the cereal boxes. 
design letters kid bowls
2. Personalized cups that are adaptable
Kids will love that they have their own cup with the first letter of their name on it. 
These cups grow with the child by starting out with the handle and the sippy lid then eventually removing the handle, then the lid until they drink on their own. Once they grow out of drinking out of this cup (which maybe they never will!) you can use it as a pencil organizer. 
design letters melamine cup steps
3. They are a classic
DESIGN LETTERS have incorporated the classic hand-drawn typography from Danish architect Arne Jacobsen from 1937.
As a child growing up in Copenhagen, it’s said that Arne Jacobsen painted over the Victorian wallpaper in his bedroom. Young Arne didn’t cover his walls with typical childish drawings or paint the ornate wallpaper boyish blue – he decided to paint his room entirely white.

This decision may seem typical today, but in the early twentieth century white walls were not yet in fashion. From the very beginning, Arne Jacobsen was ahead of his time. 

design letters for kids

For more than half of the twentieth century, Arne Jacobsen’s ideas shaped the landscape of Danish design, rippling out from Scandinavia to influence architects and designers around the world. -Taken from Fritzhansen.com


4. DESIGN LETTERS are safe.

DESIGN LETTERS are leaders in creating safe dish ware for your children.

The bowls are made from Tritan which is a medical grade plastic and is 100% safe for children to eat and drink from. BPA, BPS and EA free. They are also drop safe, dishwasher AND microwave safe. 
The colour and gloss remains even after hundreds of dishwasher cycles.

design letters tritan bowls for kids

5. They look great in the home! 

DESIGN LETTERS can be used when they are kids and when they are grown and don't look out of place in the modern home. 

design letters for kids

Image from thedesignchaser.com

design letters crayons

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